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:: Latest News ::
03.20.02 - Booked my flight for Costa Rica's surf school. April 23-30th. Can't wait!
Word from Brian Kiel was right. Brain-o and the Chiat crew with Gary.

Check out the new liquidlogickayaks.com site. The Nimbus crew rocked the house.

03.07.02 - Word from Brian Kiel is that "whatchu talking about willis" aka Gary Coleman was in the Chiat Day LA office. Look for proof on this in the coming weeks. Another Jack Johnson concert coming up -March 25 in Vail. Sweet. Cleaning up files and ran across my old version - hilarious - Ghetto Hinds Co.

03.01.02 - Don the main man at FCB's Denver field office scored tickets to a Colorado Avalanche game and was kind enough to bring me with. Great game that the home team won in overtime.

Plans are in the works to head to Costa Rica with Theresa Hessler and crew. If you are interested in going with drop me a line jellyshoes@isaachinds.com

02.28.02 - jefftaylor.com goes live. Check out the Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding site.

02.18.02 - I stopped talking about it and actually bought a PS2. Yes, yes I am a dork.

:: Old News::
02.10.02 - The Olympics are under way. Watched a little on Sat. amazing stuff.

02.06.02 - Nelly Furtado. WOW! She put on an awesome show at the Fillmore in Denver, CO. Citizen Cope opened for her and the organ was annoying, however I have since bought the CD and it is groovy.

02.03.02 - Superbowl party at Jaxon and Tina's on Sunday. Happy Birthday to the streaker.

01.23.02 - The new Nimbus Creative site launched. Check it out.

01.20.02 - Took a road trip with Jason and Marti to Boulder. Opening act at the Fox Theatre was Gary Jules, good stuff. The main man was Jack Johnson. This guy rocks! If you haven't heard him - check him out. Introduced to me by Christine from Kayak Magazine he has been on repeat on the i-tunes ever since.

Nothing's Sacred by JJ - And by the way you know the hope will make you strange -Make you blink, make you blink, make you sink - It will make you afraid of change and often blame - The box with the view of the world and the ones who fill the frame...

Snow is falling in Denver and life is good.

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