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    The greatest spot I have seen in a number of years called " move". The NIKE spot was created by Hal Curtis and crew at Wieden + Kennedy. I received an email from Hal thanking me for the kind words. Pretty Sweet - check it out.  
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Web designer by day. Web designer by night. Okay, so that's not all that happens at Hinds Co. You've gotta have balance in life. When not helping others with their Web sites, marketing, PR and advertising, Hinds Co. kayaks, snowboards, golfs, surfs, parties and has an all around good time. Digging the killer waves in the new movie Blue Crush. Who is funnier then Jack Tripper from Three's Company? ha.

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Crazy days and nights being spent on a Web site that will launch tomorrow. My eyes are fried, chicken like. Speaking of chicken, I make the best damn grilled chicken quesadilla you've ever seen. Trying to buy my ticket to Costa Rica and the prices keep going up. What's that all about? Lots of events happening this weekend. Look out D town. Hinds Co. and Motive DI are on a mission. Spent the weekend working on projects. I think I had some bad chicken - woo not feely so good on Sunday. All better now. Very busy with numerous sites. Stay tuned many will launch soon. Bough my Jack Johnson tickets and all set for that. Plan to buy my plane ticket to Costa Rica this week.
WHOA NELLY! Hinds co is one busy little beaver. Life is good though. Nimbus Creative is cranking away on a site redesign - scheduled to launch Sept. 1st. Staying balanced by working out in the morning and working at home in the evenings. Still waiting to bite the bullet on getting DSL. Not a fan of Qwest, which is my only option. Bought the new James Taylor cd - highly recommended. Took in Blue Crush on Monday night, a suprisingly good film. Now I want to go surfing again. Juliana Hatfield at the Lion's Lair was a decent show. A total whole in the wall place. She is talented but not a huge fan of all the dreary drug songs.

James Taylor, now there is a singer/songwriter I can appreciate. Speaking of, he has a new CD out October Road. JT performed on the TODAY show - I was in the gym so didn't catch all of it, but good stuff. Plans for the weekend include cleaning and setting up the new puter. Woo - exciting huh? Oh and the smack talk league basketball game. I'll try not to jank up my knee this time around. Look at me, I'm crazy mullet man. Yes that is me with a rat looking thing on my head. That nasty ass piece of a wig landed me a kayak of my choice from Liquidlogic. Tomorrow night I will be checking out Juliana Hatfield at the Lion's Lair.
Hinds Co. is back from the three day stint in Salt Lake City. The Outdoor Retailer Show went well. The highlight of the trip was winning a Liquidlogic kayak by sporting the best mullet. Pictures of my nappy ass mullet will be posted soon. New friend added, James Jordan be sure to check out his site and book.
Getting things wrapped up for my trip to Salt Lake City. If you want to read some weird ass news - check this story out. What in the Sam Hill? New updates to Nimbus Creative. My new computer arrived today so I've got that going for me, which is nice. Local Denver bodybuilder, Heather Policky, has a new site up. She recently placed 4th at the NPC USA Nationals a couple weeks ago. Check out her photos (orange exposure) and the coverage on Genex 9. I finally have the August update live. Wooo! The lovely lady you see in the top image is Nancy Hirsch. In the past couple of weeks I've been keeping busy with work at Nimbus Creative some fun stuff in the works. I took in the Julia Fordham show last week which was awesome. I was probably the youngest one there but it was a good time. Last Wednesday I checked out the new little place in downtown Denver, called Mint. Trendy little place - Jaxon Repp and I had our 2 seconds of fame on "the show" - CBS was doing a piece on the Mint and captured our beautiful mugs. Friday, I'll be headed to Salt Lake City for the Outdoor Retailer Show.

**Hinds Co. is employed full-time by the kick ass people at Nimbus Creative.**

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