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  Each month in honor of Varsity Blue's Billy Bob, I'll feature a perfect 10 on This month's 10 is Carmen, she is a beautiful woman inside & out. Be sure to check her site out at

Billy Bob, whatchu gotta say about Carm the Charm?
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Carmen Garcia
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Survivor Pearl Islands
I've been caught up in watching the latest reality TV Survivor. An amusing hour of whiners and manipulators. My money is on Rupert - the woolly mammoth who works his ass off and is plain comical
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Photos from The Colorado Natural Open - Oct. 18, 2003. (click thumbs for larger view)

Photos from The Olympia Weekend - Oct. 23-27, 2003. (click thumbs for larger view)

~ NEWS ~
Happy Halloween to all you hippie cats out there. I fell asleep during last night's 7th episode of Survivor, bummer huh? Wussy boy Osten Taylor who has been pleading to get off the island finally got his wish. My boy Rupert is still kicking ass and in control of this tribe. He's livin' large with the ladies and little girlie man Jon, who is just a tad too cocky and will be the next to go. Yes, I am aware of how lame this post is. I checked out my proofs I had shot with Body Photage and they look awesome. The rain/snow bites a big monkey butt here in Denver. Tonight is check-in for The Rocky Mountain Carol Semple Fitness/Figure Classic. I'll be trekking out to the airport to pick up "Glutezilla" who is guest posing and then back to pick up the NPC photographer, Michael, who's a cool guy. No plans for the Halloween evening since it will be an early morning and long day at the show tomorrow.

Fitness Magazine will unveil a redesign and editorial tune-up in the December issue, on sale next week. The magazine has seen its circulation rise to nearly 1.4 million.

Davana Medina, Figure Olympia winner, pulls out of GNC Show of Strength due to medical reasons.

WASSUP! It was 85 in Denver yesterday - had lunch outside in shorts, this morning walk to get a cup of the joe and it is snowing. YIKES! Looks like snowboarding season is right around the corner. Busy getting caught up on work and trying not to eat everything in sight. Until next time internet dwellers - I gots some worky work to do.

I'm back and yes, still alive after far too long of being on the Vegas strip. The Olympia was a fun time and it was great to finally meet a number of people I have worked with. My favorite little gem of the weekend was meeting Lana, from Lana's Eggwhites. This woman has more energy then anyone I have ever met. So full of life and a very kind heart. Momma Shirley was equally as sweet. These two California ladies know what's up in the world. Make sure to try da whites - they are great. I ate them the duration of training for my show. There will be a new look to her site coming soon.

I finally met Carmen Garcia. Congrats to her for placing second in the Muscle Beach contest. Carmen is a little rockstar and I had fun getting to know her more over the weekend. Photo to the left is of Carmen, myself and Fawnia - taken by Wil, Ryan, Russ and everyone at totally rocks, it was cool to meet them in person.

Check out the photos from client, Jennifer Chamberlin. Jen was on hand to crown the new winner of the Muscle Beach contest, which she had won last year.

Saw a number of other friends in the industry, the stunning Cathy Nordkye, the cute & sassy Amy Peters, lil fireball Mary Kudla, Kat Meyers as well as many others. My favorite performace was by Jenn Hendershott - she did a routine that started out with her and two other women coming out in sync. Played off from the Madonna, Brittany, Christina MTV kiss. It was bad ass - came out danced - kissed one, kissed the other and then broke out in an amazing routine. It was creative and outside of the usual routine.

Busy getting caught up on work and the last big show of the Rocky Mountain Region is this weekend. Complete results of the Olmpia are found on the right.

Up till the wee hours of the morning working. Couple hours rest and it's off to Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I'll be back Tuesday, Oct. 28th - update then. New site launched today for NPC female bodybuilder Shelly Fields - check it out.

Working my arse off to get as much done before I head to Vegas. The Olympia race is too close to call. For the men's it will be a showdown between Jay Cutler and Ron Coleman. In Figure it will be close with the fav's being Monica Brant, Jenny Lynn and Davana Madina. Fitness - Susie Curry will try to defend her title one more time and attempt to defeat Kelly Ryan, Jenny Worth and Jen Hendershott. It will heat up in Vegas. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting some new people.

President Bush &Lynn Swann, chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, launched, a new interactive Web site to help all Americans become and stay healthy, active and fit.

It's your duty to vote...

Still alive and catching up on all my work that piled up in the past couple weeks. I placed 4th in Novice - LightWeight, 5th in Open - MiddleWeight, and 5th in Drug Free For Life Lightweight. I weighed in at 164lbs - much lower then expected. I dropped quite a bit of water weight in the last few days. The show was a great experience and I've learned a great deal. One of the things I learned from the show is how important posing is - it is a total body workout and not easy to do. Experience and practice plays a huge part in this. My conditioning was dead on - came in dry and hard. Just need more mass for my tall 5'11" frame. Shot with Body Photage yesterday and will post more photos from that shoot and the show soon. Very pleased with my results and look forward to some time off at the Olympia. Friday night saw Kill Bill - what a whacked out movie. Thanks again to everyone who supported me the past few weeks. Special Thanks to Jaxon and Tina Repp along with Tova Sand for coming to the show and cheering me on.

Polaroids from Photo Shoot
- Photographer Darrell Pierson

Show time and I am ready - 5:30am and didn't sleep much. I am ready for the show and excited the big day is here. Full report tomorrow on how I did. Thanks everyone for your support.

Wow - It's been a long ass time since I've updated my site. The homepage is pretty cheesy huh? haha. I know - gotta love that. I've been training for my first bodybuilding show which is tomorrow, Oct. 18th in Englewood, CO. for more information visit Jeff Taylor's web site. Hard to imagine 4 years ago I weighed 230 lbs. at 23% bodyfat. Now I am at 170 lbs. and 5% bodyfat. If you want to see what a chubby monkey I was visit my site (which hasn't been updated for 4 years) - It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and don't let anyone or anything knock you off course. I'll be posting photos from the event next week. I leave for Vegas next Thursday to attend the Olympia Weekend. It will be a much needed break from dieting, training and work. Many of my clients and friends will be there so it promises to be a great tme. I am off to get my car back - ran into the back of another car in rush hour traffic 2 weeks ago. I had a sore back for a couple days, but thankfully I was wearing my seat belt. $4k later the ol' Status should be back to normal. It's been a year and 10 days since I parted ways with my former employer. I can't believe how time flies. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me. It gave me that extra push to start my own gig and do my own thing. Very refreshing to know that everything you put in is going towards you and not some ungrateful company. Check out my company site at Lots of things going on in this cat's life but all is well. Finally finding balance in life, work and happiness. Doing this bodybuilding show has been such a learning process. I haven't had a brew ha ha ha ha aaaa for several months. Awesome feeling not waking up hung over with my entire day gone. I'll be indulging tomorrow night though. So if you're in downtown Denver look out for the funky tan guy getting loud. A few weeks ago I laughed my (now boney) ass off. The crew at Motive Design + Interactive hooked me up with tickets to Puppetry of the Penis. Sounds funky, right? Trust me nothing sexual about this show - two less then aesthetically pleasing men making puppets out of their penises. It was something everyone should see.

My beloved Chicago Bears are sucking the big monkey. I must admit I have become a Bronoco's fan since moving to Denver. Jake "the snake" Plummer is feeling the affects of the altitude as he broke his foot getting off from his couch this week. That's all for now kids.

Links to check out this weekend:
My fellow cast and crew from the Bozell interactive days. I still keep in touch with them and all great guys to have on your side.

Gridiron Picks - Hartley does a pretty damn good job of picking them for all you gamblers out there.

Don Trouba - The Donster abandoned me here in Denver and is now back in the Big O working for Anderson Partners.

Brian Kiel - This Radiohead junkie is doing some bad ass work with Tequila the interactive division of Chiat Day. Hard to believe he was managing the pimple face crew at a movie theatre in Omaha just a few short years ago. He da man.


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9. Julie Palmer
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