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  Each month in honor of Varsity Blue's Billy Bob, I'll feature a perfect 10 on. This month's 10 is Tara Richards. This lil' Denver chica is my morning cardio pal and a super sweet woman. check her site ou at
Photo by Terry Goodlad.

Billy Bob, whatchu gotta say about her?
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Tara Richards
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Survivor Pearl Islands
  Good thing I'm not a gamble'n man. My boy got his ass booted.

Survivor Pearl Islands
I've been caught up in watching the latest reality TV Survivor. An amusing hour of whiners and manipulators. My money is on Rupert - the woolly mammoth who works his ass off and is plain comical.
rupert boneham

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~ NEWS ~

Has it been a week since I last updated this mo fo? Wow. What's happening in my world... Been trying to kick a stoooopid cold. BLAH. Been tired and run down and not very productive. My boy Rupert got booted last week on Survivor. Blasted bastards keeping a redneck down. Turkey Day is tomorrow, make sure to wear the spandex pants to Grammy's house. Carla Sanchez has a new fitness camp coming up next weekedn. Check it out, she's a cool cat in Denver. I'll be updating one of Ohio's fitness diva's Ally Bookless' site in the coming weeks. She's a bad ass firefighter and another cool cat. New Mile High City Marathon site will be coming in a couple months as well. Laying low this week and trying to get over this cold. For all you computer geeks take a look at this. Pretty Funny.


Ah lots going on in the world of Hinds. Went out with a few friends last Thursday and that was festive. Friday night was the premiere party for Warren Miller's new film - check it out it's bad ass. Met Brad Ludden in person finally (been talking through email off and on) - killer kayaker and nice guy. He runs a great program called First Descents - take a look. Saturday night was Frisco Disco Nancy's brithday party and was yet another festive time. Coming down with the nasty ass cold - yeah fun. Weeee. Working away and keeping extremely busy. Booked my trip to next year's Arnold Classic. It's by far the best show/event I have gone to for bodybuilding and fitness. A couple new clients that will be up and running soon. Time to take ma medicine and get some rest to kick this flu bug's ass.

FTC Charges BodyFlex Marketers With False Advertising. Read the story here. Early morning - 5am up to meet cardio chica Tara, nice lil workout. Booked my flight to Miami for the New Year. Will be gone Dec. 30 - Jan. 5. Little longer then expected but will be a nice vacation. Lots of new work in progress. Stay tuned.

Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones wishes not to be linked to the popular Atkins Diet - read the report filed by her lawyer on the smoking gun.

Happy Veterans Day. A lil' warming trend in the Mile High City with temps near 60. New site launch this week - - You will not meet a cooler person then Lana Dora. This woman works three jobs and goes non-stop. Her egg whites helped me get extra protein when I was prepping for my contest. I still use them as they are a fast and easy way to get extra protein. Throw a cup in the blender with my shake or put em in a bowl and nuke em. I was skeptical of using them at first because when you think egg whites you think Rocky (okay maybe just me) eating a raw egg and think ewww no way am I putting raw egg whites in my shake. Well, these bad boys are heat pastuerized - hence why you won't find them next to eggbeaters. Eggbeaters have crap in them to keep them on the shelves. So check out the site and order your tub today. Tell the Egg Lady Isaac sent ya. Saw Elf on Friday night, funny movie - Will Farrel makes the movie, which goes without saying. Planning a trip to Miami for New Year's Eve. Working my arse off - tons of work on my plate and more new biz coming every day, which is a great thing. Last Thursday I spent the evening playing bartender with my pally pal Tova at Motive D+I's party. It was quite the festive event.

Photos from Motive's party:

New Comedy Central TV show planned - "Straight plan for the Gay Man" - now that's funny.

It's cold as a well, nothing clever coming to mind - but it is cold in Denver. Snow is flying in the mountains and snowboarding is quickly approaching. Be sure to check out the new Planet Muscle Magazine, in it you will see this month's Perfect 10 is Tara Richards. Be sure to vote for her as she goes butt to butt with Jenny Lynn. Tara is a super cool woman who lives in Denver and is recently engaged to an equally cool guy, Dave. Sorry guys - another one off the market for ya. This weekend I worked all day at the Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding Carol Semple Fitness/Figure Classic. It was a good show, long day and the last show of the year. The conditioning overall of the bodybuilder's wasn't as strong as the show two weeks prior, but a good show none-the-less. Sunday was spent trying to get caught up on some work. Loads of new photos and updates to Go Fast Sports & Beverage Company's site. Busy week ahead with work. A bit tired but got my morning cardio in. Life is good.


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