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Feb. 27 - March 2, 2003
Arnold Classic

Competitor List:

Arnold Figure Competitors
Davana Medina
Jenny Lynn
Christine Bergeron
Kim Chizevsky
Lena Johannesen
Elaine Goodlad
Kristy Robbins
Patty Garner Monica Brant
Mari Kudla
Lesli Russell
Sharon Christian
Adrian Chastain
Jamie Franklin
Renee Masi

Fitness International Competitors
Jen Hendershott
Tracey Greenwood
Laura Makowski
Stacy Hylton
Adela Freidmansky
Tanji Johnson
Anna Level
Susie Curry Nicole Rollolazo
Kelly Ryan
Shannon Meteraud
Stacy Simons
Laurie Vaniman
Lisa Reed
Amanda Doherty


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~ NEWS ~

Colorado representing in the "reality tv" shows. First its the lovely Zora who hooks up with caveman Joe Millionare. Tonight Ryan from Vail, Colorado is the lucky man on ABC's The Bachelorette. How do you feel about the woman you want to marry sucking face with several other dudes hours before you propose? Guess she had her own extended bachelorette party. The whole reality tv is a bunch of crap. You want to do reality tv, try this on for size. Follow this middle age, balding man cleaning tables and mopping floors, just happy to have a job, around for a day. He gets off work, goes home to see we're sending troops to Turkey and Turkey doesn't want our asses in their country. His wife is nagging him to fix the leaky toilet, kids want money for their coke habit and all he wants is a cold beer. That's reality but who wants to watch that? nadda cause that's the life many people live.

New site launch - Jennifer Chamberlin - super cool cat that is sponsored by Twinlab. You can see her at the Twinlab booth if you're attending the Arnold. Jay Cutler wins the Pro Ironman - take a look at the photos, the guy is HUGE!

Who will the next two spots on American Idol? Right, right no one gives a rat's ass. Sorry, I forgot. I'll be attending the Arnold Classic the end of this month. Sure to be a great time. I'll also be visiting family and friend in Omaha/South Dakota before the Arnie. All is going well in Denver. A couple exciting sites in the works. If you're thinking of competing in Bodybuilding shows, Tiffany Yee is putting on a seminar this weekend with Michael Loos, a trainer from Gold's Gym Venice. Check it out.


Vote for me your next American Web Idol. As predicted by the Donster and myself, Julia DeMato made it into the next round of American Idol. Who gives a crap right? True. It doesn't take much to entertain me. Snow is flying in the mountains and Life is good.

I've been busy as can be lately and had a chance to snowboard a few times. The highlight of the past couple weeks was driving to Aspen to check out the X Games. Go Fast! had 4 athletes who qualified for the games so it was good to see them compete at that level. The experience was awesome and I look forward to checking it out again next year. I'll be attending the Arnold Classic the end of this month, which is sure to be a great time.

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Fitness/Bodybuilder Competitors
Jennifer Chamberlin
Deb Widdis
Mikayla Miles
Tiffany Yee / Bodystatement
Kim Seeley

Go Fast Sports
Body Photage
Yellow Spider, Inc.
Cmyk Magazine

Liquidlogic Kayaks *
Three Dog Studio *
Jennifer Hughes Photography
J Anthony Wear
Curtis Clarkson
Mid American Safety Link Zone *
Pinnacle Systems, Inc. *
Zambeel, Inc. *
Felicia Collins Public Relations
Jewls Michaels
CF Productions
Shred Ready
Adams Mental Health *
Fat Eddys Threadworks *
Webb Interactive / Jabber *
Sports Medicine Management Group *
College World Series *
First National Bank *
ACI Worldwide *
Kiewitt Construction *
Mutual of Omaha *
Union Pacific *
MidAmerican Energy *
American Tool *
CBS Home *
National Student Loan Program *
VT Industries *
MDS Harris *
KirkPattrick Pettis *

* Client while at previous employer