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Isaac Hinds
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Welcome to Hinds Co. Web designer by day. Web designer by night. Okay, so that's not all that happens with Isaac. You've gotta have balance in life. When not helping others with their Web sites, marketing, PR and advertising, Hinds Co. kayaks, snowboards, golfs, surfs, parties and has an all around good time.

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:: Latest News ::
I decided not to break my mind this weekend and laid low. Nothing exciting to report. Although plans are in the works to return to Costa Rica, so there's that. Which is nice. Managed to see Ausin Powers Gold Member. Mini-me is always good for a laugh or three. Tomorrow I'll be cruising down to the Soiled Dove to check out Julia Fordham Another exciting weekend for this cat. Friday night met up with the Hartley's and Trouba's at PF Chang's for some amazing food. Then out on the town for a Foosball whoop'n. Sat. met up with other long lost friends and then went to the Rockie's baseball game. After that was a house party with Hawaiian atire. Check out the photo above. Sunday - KBCO concert, caught the B-52s, Jack Johnson and part of the Indigo Girls. Jack was awesome and it was a good people watching event. Kallas and I picked up a "dude" hitch-hiking. That provided some entertainment on the way home. Music pick of the week Anastacia. Saw her a number of years ago on MTV "the cut" now she's doing well. The weekend was groovy baby. Saw they Might Be Giants at the music festival on Friday - wacky lads they are. Saturday kicked Tova's ass in 9 holes of golf. Then attended the Co State Bodybuilding show. Check out the photos from the show at Today played basketball with the crew and jacked my knee up so now I am gimping around. Lots of new work in progress, good stuff. HI! I'M BRIAN FELLOWS! - Gotta love SNL. Hinds Co. is now kid tested and mother approved. Tonight will be attending the Lodo Music Festival that should be a lovely time. Tomorrow Golf with co-worker Tova then off to the bodybuilding show. Sunday morning will consist of kicking some fellow peanut butter and jelly fans asses in a game of basketball. Some new photos added from my surfing trip in Costa Rica with Theresa and the LA peeps. I added a new friend's link Jerry from check it out - lots of info on his site. Download the Hinds Co. Banner for your site.

07.02.02 - A few new friends added to the list. Check them out on the bottom left. It was quite the week. Kallas put on a show at the Cherry Cricket with his make shift basketball uniform on Tuesday. Wed. - My Birthday - Thanks for all the birthday gifts and email. I received an awesome gift from a very special star. It was very thoughtful. The 4th was spent with the Troubas, Kallas and Jaxon learning how not to bet on horses at the horse track. So after loosing some cash, Jaxon tried out his off-roading skills, which are improving. Then we witnessed a kayak fly off a van and crash into the vehicle's windshield in front of us. No one was hurt and Jaxon's binoculars were safe. Friday - relaxed. Sat. - Visited Brandon's little mermaid room at his new house and BBQ'd. It was a nice break from work but now its back to the grind.

Check out for details on the upcoming show. Should be a good one.

07.01.02 Spent the weekend relaxing and not traveling any where. Watched Black Hawk Down - not great, not horrible. Golfed 18 holes with Tova and a couple of other fellas that joined us. All and all a good weekend. 2 days till my birthday - feel free to show your love with gifts, cash donations accepted.

A friend of mine, Theresa Hessler, in the newest Muscle& Fitness Hers. Check out the newest issue for her photos.

New designs for a section on you can see them here. If you are a fitness competitor or a trainer contact me for more details.


Figure - Thanks Nancy for being the test pilot and looking amazing.

Bodybuilding - Heather Policky showing why she won last year's show and a force to reckon with this year at Nationals.

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Inspiration ::
The greatest spot I have seen in a number of years called "move". The NIKE spot was created by Hal Curtis and crew at Wieden + Kennedy. I received an email from Hal thanking me for the kind words. Pretty Sweet - check it out.

:: Upcoming Events ::

July 29
Julia Fordham at the Soiled Dove.

August 8-11
Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, UT.

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