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Welcome to Hinds Co. Just who is this Hinds Co. character? Hinds Co. has extra strength in advertising, design, marketing, copywriting, strategy, PR, Web sites and user testing. Other skills include, but not limited to, charcoal grill'n extrodinare, moving everyone and their dog in Denver, EA Sports hockey champion and kayaking.

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:: Latest News ::
06.26.02 - Whoa good golly. Finally catching my breath. My little bro got hitched this past weekend. Quite the interesting time. I highly suggest not driving across Nebraska, unless you want to know what hell looks like. Big phat update coming this weekend to the site. In the mean time check this out, courtesty of the pervert Brandon Shevin - olsentwins.syndk8.net - I am just as disgusted as you are.

06.19.02 - The Hinds of the Isaac has been quiet busy. The trip to Maine was awesome. Camped on an island for two nights, sea kayaked, ate lobster. Wicked good as the Maine folk say. This past weekend headed south to Salida where I enjoyed the festivities of FIBARK and went whitewater kayaking. One of the biggest rushes in my life. Pictures will be posted soon. I am headed to my little brother's wedding in Nebraska. Photos of Don's golfing will also appear upon my return. Latah peeps.

06.03.02 - Heard the coolest song today called "Stella Enna" from Cirque du Soleil's Dralion. Check it out, it's awesome. (thanks wonderwoman for telling me about it) Also confirmed that I will be going to Salida, CO. on the 15th and 16th to go whitewater kayaking. Will be INSANE!

06.02.02 - New update to Hinds Co. The photo this month is none other then Nancy Hirsch. She is one of the nicest, coolest people you could ever meet. Yesterday, was spent golfing with Tova and Don & Shannon Trouba. It was Don's first time golfing and his 6'5" wire-frame did well with the 2 ft. clubs. Photos to appear soon. I am still working on creating a site documenting my Costa Rica trip. I will be leaving for Maine this Thursday for my first Sea Kayak trip. Should be fun.

Photos ::

Wig Party, Isaac playing surfer dude, Jason himself and Todd as The Incredible Hulk.

Isaac with the Chic-Fila Cow - feeding it ice cream at a Denver Nuggest game. How wrong is that?

Jason has a new lovah with the Chic-Fila cow. Showing his South Dakota roots.

:: Old News ::
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Inspiration ::
The greatest spot I have seen in a number of years called "move". The NIKE spot was created by Hal Curtis and crew at Wieden + Kennedy. I received an email from Hal thanking me for the kind words. Pretty Sweet - check it out.

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July 3
My Birthday - feel free to spoil me with your gifts.

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