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Web designer by day. Web designer by night. Okay, so that's not all that happens with Isaac. You've gotta have balance in life. When not helping others with their Web sites, marketing, PR and advertising, Isaac kayaks, snowboards, golfs, surfs, works out and has an all around good time. Need some help other then mental problems? Contact Isaac Hinds

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~ NEWS ~

Holy Crap batman! Denver has basically shut down. As you can see by the main image on this page, there is quiet a bit of snow in Denver. Three days ago I was wearing shorts and sandals, now I can't get out of my pad. Yesterday I ventured out to see stranded motorists, idiotic drivers and comedy every step of the way. It's hilarious how people freak out over a change in the weather. I waiting in line at Blockbuster for 45 minutes while 60-70 people were in front of me. Only in Colorado do you see people skiing to the local Blockbuster or coming in from the snow with their big ass dog. Aside from the snowstorm things are a little chaotic for me. I was in the Army National Guard for 8 years and I found out on Monday night that my old guard unit was called to active duty. Talk about hitting home, it freaked me out. Two years ago that would have been me going to fight a war I'm not clear on. There are many factors to the war that many are unclear on but after you read something like this (thanks sh2 for the article) it helps to see the evil. Every person mentioned in this article I knew and was friends with while serving in the guards. I hope the higher force is with them and their families during this crazy time in the world.

Dré Dillard the 2001 Jr. National Female Bodybuilding Champion will soon be having a new site up and running compliments of yours truly. Amazing competitor and you can see her photo in the newest FLEX magazine. Life is good in Denver, kids. Life is good.

New tunes from a pretty cool guy I met a year ago while snowboarding in Steam Boat Springs. Christopher Jak - Chris lives in Ft. Collins, CO and is starting to make it big. Listen to his tunes and let me know what ya think.

I made it back from the Arnold Classic and a trip to Omaha. I was reminded why I don't live in the midwest any longer - it is damn cold. Speaking cold - I have one now that I am trying to get rid of. I met up with family in friends in South Dakota - then back to Omaha. I crashed at my cousin Dan's pad - talk about a sweet location and huge place. The boys at the 415 club were generous on the drinks and think I am still feeling it. Met up with people I used to work with at Bozell. Watched - Old School - frickin hilarious and then ventured off to Columbus, Ohio for the Arnold Classic. It was an fun and interesting trip. I'm not a small cat at 5'11" - 195lbs, but I was definitely feeling like a bean pole there. Most of the men were short and insanely HUGE. Not to mention a number of the women being bigger then me. Lots of beautiful women working the booths. I had the chance to hang with Jennifer and a few other cool people. It was baffling that I could be talking with Sarah Orbanic while Robert Kennedy - publisher of a number of muscle magazines, is sitting next to me. Lots of little stories like that happened the entire weeked. It was interesting to see how the judging went for the women's figure pro, they appeared to want a softer look. This being the first pro figure show, I'd say it was a success. The snow is falling in Denver and life is good. I will be posting photos from my trip in the coming days.

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