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05.15.02 - Busy little beaver here in Denver. Lots of work at Nimbus. Attended a wig party this past Sat. It was a blast. Photo of the evening will be posted soon. Will be attending a bodybuilding show on Saturday in Littleton, should be fun. Still working on the official Costa Rica Web site. Check back for more info this weekend. Jack Johnson returns to Colorado on July 21st. Can't wait. I'll be sea kayaking with the Nimbus team the first weekend of June. WOOO!

05.05.02 - I've returned from my week long trip to paradise. Costa Rica is an amazing place. Shortly, I will be putting together a little Web site with photos and video of the trip. I had an indescribable time. Theresa and Al are two amazing people that I had a chance to get to know better on the trip. Thanks T for telling me about the trip. The surf school rocked and I can't wait to go back again. Stay tuned for more info.

05.04.02 - Kallas and I went to the Kinetic party in Boulder. Great time. Then rushed back and picked up VIP tickets from the Heather and Troy at GO FAST! for the Blink 182 show. AWESOME! Checked out the new GO FAST! bus - one sweet ride. Visited Jeremy, Katie (soon to be married) and friends. The host/hostess grilled up the most amazing shrimp. Then checked out the concert. Good show. Long, fun day.

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