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These are people/companies I have worked with either on my own or with previous places of employment. There are many others, some of which have asked not to be included.

Cmyk Magazine

Liquidlogic Kayaks *
Three Dog Studio *
Jennifer Hughes Photography
J Anthony Wear
Curtis Clarkson
Mid American Safety Link Zone *
Go Fast Sports
Jewls Michaels
Body Photage
CF Productions
Three Degrees of Freedom
Pinnacle Systems, Inc. *
Shred Ready *
Adams Mental Health *
Fat Eddys Threadworks *
Zambeel, Inc. *
Webb Interactive / Jabber *
Sports Medicine Management Group *
College World Series *
First National Bank *
ACI Worldwide *
Kiewitt Construction *
Mutual of Omaha *
Union Pacific *
MidAmerican Energy *
American Tool *
CBS Home *
National Student Loan Program *
VT Industries *
MDS Harris *
KirkPattrick Pettis *

* Client while at previous employer

Nov. 22-Dec. 2
LA then off to Costa Rica for surfing and relaxation


Welcome to Hinds Co.
Maximum Strength Marketing & Design

Isaac Hinds
925 S. Pearl St. #9
Denver, CO 80209
ph. 303.908.3998

Web designer by day. Web designer by night. Okay, so that's not all that happens at Hinds Co. You've gotta have balance in life. When not helping others with their Web sites, marketing, PR and advertising, Hinds Co. kayaks, snowboards, golfs, surfs, works out and has an all around good time.

Need some help other then mental problems? Contact Isaac Hinds

Services Offered:
Public Relations • Marketing • Advertising • Web Design • Print Design • Brand Building • Logos • Sports Marketing

Get your Hinds Co. Banner today for your nifty site.

~ Latest News from Hinds Co ~

11.21.02 ON VACATION UNTIL DEC. 3rd! WOOOOO!!!!!

11.16.02 13th Annual Fitness America Pageant in Redondo Beach, California. ESPN FITNESS AMERICA RESULTS!
1. Sylvia Tremblay
2. Kim Dolan
3. Melissa Hall
4. Brenda Santiago
5. Natalie Hunt

11.15.02 6 days and counting until I leave for my vacation. It's been a long week. All the days seem to run together. Snowed in Denver this morning and continues to dump on the resorts. I will be officially announcing a new site this weekend, I'd tell you what it is but its not quite ready for an official announcement. It's purty though.

11.10.02 Hinds Co. took a much needed break for a day and a half. I trekked out to the airport and picked up the NPC photographer on Friday night for the Rocky Mountain Bodybuilding show. Saturday I was up early and headed to the bodybuilding show to help with the prejudging. A great turnout and over 100 competitors for the Rocky Mountain NPC show. The evening show was awesome. Deb Widdis of Omaha won the overall in the women's division. She is HUGE! and also one of the nicest competitors I've ever met. Look for her Web site soon. I also had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Claude Groulx, the guest poser at the show. Super nice guy - check out his site. Speaking of Web sites take a look at the latest launches for Hinds Co.

J Anthony Wear - A fitness clothing site that offers clothing and supplements.

New link added to the Friend's list. The ever popular crew of Delicious Monster. On the links seciotn be sure to check out Sh2's newest release for Gary Dunkin photography. 11 days left until I leave for Costa Rica~! I can't wait. New on my MP3 list is Jason Mraz - good mellow music.

11.05.02 VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! GET off the computer and vote! I voted this afternoon and it was the fastest process ever. Maybe now I won't have to see the ads claiming Jim Bob McGruff kicked a cat when he was 8, so you should vote for me cause I like kitties. Beautiful day in Denver walked to the polls which was nice. 16 days until I leave for vacation. WOOO! Received my new ipod today. SWEETNESS! Aight back to work slackers.

11.02.02 Sad day in Domer land. Notre Dame suffered their first loss at the hands of Boston College. What a crappy game. Snow is expected again in Denver this evening and life is good. Busy weekend with many sites in the works this week. I'd like to say hello to the company that used to employ me as well as the clients I worked with there. HELLO - thanks for checking back so often.

11.01.02 Whoa Nelly is it cold in Denver. 16 inches of snow thus far in Keystone, Vail reports 13 new inches of snow on top of a 20 inch settled base. Life is good for skiers and boarders. Busy week in the land of Hinds Co. Many new sites will be launching in the next 3 weeks before my vacation. This week Max-Nutrition in Sugarland, Texas launched the new design. Check out the new look and consider before Hinds Co. this is what the site looked like old. I took in the Post News Battle of the Bands and Three Degrees of Freedom took home the victory. They jammed non-stop and have everyone in awe. Visit their site and listen to their music, they're awesome. I'll be working with them on their new site in the coming weeks. Check out photos from the show. My rock star turned designer pal, Tina Link has her new site up - some wicked good stuff.

3 years ago I used to be a big fat ass and then did the Body For Life Program and got back into shape. My transformation site: I will be updating that site once I return from Costa Rica where I will be taking updated photos.


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