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These are people/companies I have worked with either on my own or with previous places of employment:

Cmyk Magazine - Figure - Bodybuilding
J Anthony Wear
Curtis Clarkson
Hornytoad *
Liquidlogic Kayaks *
Three Dog Studio *
Mid American Safety Link Zone **
Nimbus Creative *
Go Fast Sports
Jewls Michaels
Body Photage
CF Productions
Pinnacle Systems, Inc. *
Shred Ready *
Adams Mental Health *
Fat Eddys Threadworks *
Zambeel, Inc. *
Webb Interactive / Jabber *
Pioneer Medical *
Sports Medicine Management Group *
College World Series **
First National Bank **
ACI Worldwide **
Kiewitt Construction **
Mutual of Omaha **
Union Pacific **
MidAmerican Energy **
American Tool **
CBS Home **
National Student Loan Program **
VT Industries **
MDS Harris **
KirkPattrick Pettis **
E Payment Partners **

* Former Employer - Nimbus Creative
** Former Employer - Bozell & Jacobs

Nov. 9
Rocky Mountain/Carol Semple Classic
Denver, CO

Nov. 22-Dec. 2
LA then off to Costa Rica


Welcome to Hinds Co.
Here to help.

Web designer by day. Web designer by night. Okay, so that's not all that happens at Hinds Co. You've gotta have balance in life. When not helping others with their Web sites, marketing, PR and advertising, Hinds Co. kayaks, snowboards, golfs, surfs, works out and has an all around good time.

Need some help other then mental problems? Contact Isaac Hinds

Services Offered:
Public Relations • Marketing • Advertising • Web Design • Print Design • Brand Building • Sports Marketing

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~ Latest News from Hinds Co ~

10.28.02 Notre Dame continues to win and the Bears continue to loose, at least I have one team doing well this year. Took in the Jack Johnson concert last week and he was great as usual. I was a little disappointed with Alana Davis' performance, she seemed depressed. Volunteered at Scream Agency's Scream Scram on Friday - good turn out and always entertaining. Counting down the days till my Costa Rica trip.

10.20.02 Ron Coleman wins Mr. Olympia for the 5th time.

10.19.02 Finishing up my video for the NBC show Dog Eat Dog today. Continually counting down the days till my Costa Rica trip. A couple new clients for Hinds Co. this past week. Some results from Olympia Weekend...
Ms. Olympia 2002: Lenda Murray
1) Susie Curry
2) Kelly Ryan
3) Jenny Worth
4) Adela Friedmansky
5) Jenny Hendershott

10.14.02 Shout out to Columbus on his day. Today is the one week anniversary of being let go from my day job. Not much of a celebration, however friend o' mine Bradon Shevin passed these two funnies my way, which seem to make everything all butter. Yes, butter. (big download but worth it) This is the funniest site I've seen in well a day, but it's funny -

Notre Dame continues to win!!! Woo! A low-key weekend, but then again all my days seem like weekdays or weekends, depending on how you look at it, this past week. I received a call from the asst. casting director from the NBC show Dog Eat Dog - they want me to do an audition. How funny is that? I'll keep ya posted on how that goes. A big week ahead with lots of work.

New client on board with Hinds Co. Three Degrees of Freedom, team up for a redesign of their site. Should be cool, great guys with good tunes. Living the life of the freelance Web designer - not all bad. Some people will act like your best bud one day (when they want something) then ask you to remove their dog photo the from your site next - crazy how some kids work.

Oh how things can change. On Monday I was "let go" from my previous employer. It caught me off guard until today when I received a letter in the mail from their lawyer. Now it's all starting to make sense. No worries - life is good and I am thankful for the way things are turning out. It's times like these you realize who you can trust and who you can't. One important lesson I have learned - Look out for the most important person in this world - yourself.

Quiet the weekend for Hinds Co. Friday night I managed to drink a wee bit too much with a few friends at the RIO. The Margs are strong there. WOO! Saturday was a gorgeous day - worked out and went to the Bodybuilding show with a friend, Tiffany Yee. It was a fun evening in Longmony, CO. Note to self - get directions before leaving. Check out the pictures from the show at Today was spent cleaning my pad, had a good workout and caught up on some errands. I've added a new picture under the photos section - myself next to John Stewart - the guest poser at the show - yeah big boy there. Also check out the new links section and added a new friend Lana from Lana's Egg Whites - be sure to check her site out. Notre Dame continues to win, the Bears play on Monday night and life is good. Rock on.

10.04.02 Beautiful day in Denver. Mountains look awesome with the snow on the higher peaks. Some resorts will be opening the end of this month. Crazy how fast the summer went. Attending a Bodybuilding show in Longmont, CO tomorrow night - check out for more info.

The newest edition of Hinds Co. is up as you all can see. Keeping very busy during the day and night hours. Life is good. Notre Dame is 4-0. The Nebraska Cornhuskers continue to loose. What could be better? The Chicago Bears have lost a couple close ones and fall to 2-2. If you're a gambler and like to bet the bank on sports check out - they offer some good advice and seem to have some insight - although they missed the boat on the Broncos game - but that one could be blamed on Brian Griese's dog, Bella.

Interested in some entertainment? - see how 3 years ago I used to be a big fat ass and then did the Body For Life Program and got back into shape. My transformation site:

Isaac Hinds
925 S. Pearl St. #9
Denver, CO 80209
ph. 303.908.3998


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The Olympia
top-10 finishers:

1. Ronnie Coleman
2. Kevin Levrone
3. Chris Cormier
4. Dexter Jackson
5. Gunter Schlierkamp
6. Lee Priest
7. Flex Wheeler
8. Markus Ruhl
9. Orville Burke
10. Dennis James