If you tried to contact me lately apologize or the delay. MSN and Qwest don't seem to play well together...
I have been without access to email and the internet for a few days.

2002 Highlights - I started the year out by seeing Jack Johnson in concert. Little did I know I would see him 3 more times and watch his popularity soar. Feb. consisted of a Nelly Furtado concert and the launch of Jeff Taylor's new site. March, I planned my first trip out of the country with Theresa Hessler and friends to a surf camp in Costa Rica. Launched the new Liquidlogic Kayaks site. They are an awesome crew. April, I saw John Mayer in concert, learned to surf and had my first taste of the ocean. Simply amazing. May - saw Blink 182 in concert and took in a festive wig party. June - Did a little golfing with Tova, Don & Shannon. Visted Maine, went sea kayaking and also went white water kayaking in Salida, CO. Levi, my brother got married. July - Celebrated my birthday, the Hartley's came to visit, & I also checked out Julia Fordham in concert. Aug. - Jaxon and I found a new watering hole, MYNT. Mohitos good and oh so bad. I went to the OR Show in Salt Lake City. Sept. - Stefan Sagmeister at AIGA. Oct. - No longer fully employed, things got ugly. Nov. - Back to Costa Rica - even better the 2nd time. Dec. - Pimp N Ho party - Life is good. New site soon!

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