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:: Latest News ::
04.17.02 - I went to the John Mayer concert at the Fillmore, Denver on Sat. johnmayer.com Good show from what I remember. This time next week, I will be in COSTA RICA! How cool is that?

04.07.02 - Took a trip to Boulder on Saturday to a bodybuilding show. Met some nice people and had a good time. Jay Cutler's guest performance rocked the house - yo. Check out a few photos on Jefftaylor.com.

Now this is amusing - Super Greg
- You'll catch yourself saying it often. Hilarious!

04.01.02 - New graphic update for April. Trip to Costa Rica is set. I will be going with Theresa Hessler (this month's image) and a few other people. One on one surf instruction, sea kayaking, horse back riding, snorkeling, atv tour and of course drinking. Woo!

Remember Garbage Pail Kids? How funny are those little bastards? What spurred this thought, I have no idea but check out this image if you don't remember.

Old News ::
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Inspiration ::
The greatest spot I have seen in a number of years called "move". The NIKE spot was created by Hal Curtis and crew at Wieden + Kennedy. I received an email from Hal thanking me for the kind words. Pretty Sweet - check it out.

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April 23-30th  
Surf school in Costa Rica.
Corky Caroll's Surf School: surfschool.net

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